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Why foreign youth LOVE Crimean summer camp Artek [Video]

International children’s center Artek is a very popular destination

Artek is a beautiful international youth center nestled in the Crimean mountains just above the shore of the Black Sea. For decades it has been a beloved destination for youth camps and retreats, which Russians and Soviet people remember with happy nostalgia.

At this Russian news video reveals, youth from all over the world are still loving Artek, which is nice to see, as many older young adults have first met, fallen in love here, and later gotten married in many a past year. Also, many great brotherhoods and friendships were forged there.

The camp hosts youth and teenagers of all ages, with different programs for each group.

Artek is one of the most beautiful summer camps for young people in the world. See for yourselves!

Lately, Artek has been revisited by many foreign delegations, like those from Germany, who were amazed, and quickly wanted to find ways to send German children to a vacation here.

German politicians visit Crimea, Ukraine throws tantrum as expected

This, of course, infuriated Kiev, and they are sure to be displeased when they find out that now the French would like to visit too. I have no doubt the French will love Crimea, and I would be interested to see what they think of Crimean wines as well.

Russian wines are flowing to Europe [Video]

Crimea is one of Russia’s most beautiful regions, as the peninsula is host to a world and climate not unlike the Mediterranean, rather than the image most beautiful have of Russia – a winter wonderland. This is because people still do not understand Russia – the world’s largest country.

Sudak, Crimea

Russia has everything from endless fields, to tall mountains, to arctic tundras, to forests both taiga and temperate, as well as pure beaches and seashores, iridescent Aurora Borealis above shimmering skies, emerald meadows filled with flowers, and viridescent hill crowned with Churches.

Crimea even has a Church-lighthouse, there is more to it than meets the eye.



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