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While the Western media establishment thinks Russia is still Communist…

Christianity is flourishing in Russia in a new renaissance, and this development has the secular West shaking in their boots

The US and Western European Media did everything they could to make President Trump look like the face of treason and all evil for his stubbornly persisting in giving the relations between his country and the Russian Federation a chance to heal and be normalized. As written elsewhere on the Duran, we witnessed a complete meltdown over the Helsinki Summit with President Vladimir Putin from both sides of the US political aisle and from many in the mass media.

But while the American press was calling out Russia for being a godless regime and still Communist, this is what the alleged “God-haters” in Russia were actually doing last night.



Ekaterinburg, July 17, 2018

The Russian Orthodox Church has been celebrating the centenary of the martyrdom of the last imperial family of Russia with numerous events throughout Russia all year, with the celebrations culminating in last night’s Patriarchal Divine Liturgy in Ekaterinburg and all-night cross procession in their honor.

100,000 faithful Orthodox Christians from around the world, including Azerbaijan, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Lithuania, Moldova, New Zealand, Serbia, USA, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France, Estonia, South Korea, and Japan, gathered in Ekaterinburg last night for the liturgical celebrations, reports the site of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The first Royal Days procession took place in 1992, with the participation of but a few dozen.

The event began with the Divine Liturgy celebrated on the square in front of the Church on the Blood in Ekaterinburg, built on the site where the Ipatiev House once stood, where the family was murdered. The service was headed by His Holiness Patriarch Kirill with more than 35 hierarchs and multiple clergy concelebrating.

The entire service was broadcasted live on the Orthodox TV station “Union:”

A special platform was erected for the Liturgy in front of the gates of the lower church, where the “Royal Room” is located—a chapel in honor of the Royal Martyrs, built on specific site of their martyrdom.

Following the Liturgy, the patriarch led the traditional Royal Cross Procession from the place of martyrdom of the holy Royal Martyrs and their servants to the Monastery of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers at Ganina Yama ravine, covering a distance of 13 miles.

According to law enforcement agencies, about 100,000 took part in the procession.

According to tradition, the faithful carried banners and icons in the procession, including a 6.5-ft. icon of the Tsar-Martyr, painted in 2017 for the Church of the “Reigning” Icon of the Mother of God at Ganina Yama. Together with the kiot, the icon weighs 330 lbs. A special bier on wheels was made to move the heavy icon.

The procession was also accompanied by 25 mobile groups from an Orthodox charity service, consisting of clergy, representatives of the Dormition Orthodox Brotherhood of Ekaterinburg, sisters of mercy, and volunteers, who provided assistance to those who could not walk the entire route of the procession. Field kitchens and tests were also set up at the Royal Passion-Bearers Monastery for the pilgrims to rest.

His Holiness and the procession arrived at the monastery in the morning, where the patriarch served a moleben to the Royal Martyrs in front of the memorial cross erected at Mine #7, where the bodies of the Royal Martyrs were abused and disposed of. His Holiness Patriarch Alexei II thus referred to Ganina Yama as “a living antimens, permeated with particles of the burnt holy relics.”

It is for the reason of events like this one, shown above, that the US liberal political and media establishment fears and hates Russia, and nothing less.

Most countries in the West have been experiencing a religious decline and the advance of secular humanism and cultural Marxism that actually exceeds anything ever accomplished in the Soviet Union. the former Soviet republics have executed a sharp reversal and are indeed the sole remaining bastion of Christianity in the world. 

This event is not even the biggest such Christian event to take place in Russia. But it is big. It actually started several months ago,and the entire procession covered 1,800 miles, through many cities and towns across Russia. The event reported here was merely the culmination.

Cross-processions happen many times each year in Russia, and some of them draw up to a half-million people per event. The 700th anniversary commemoration of St Sergius of Radonezh, one of Russia’s most revered saints, drew 8.6 million people to visit the monastery where his body lies in state – it has never decomposed.

The New York Times ran a piece back in 1991 about the moving of the relics of one of Russia’s most famous saints, Seraphim of Sarov, as thousands of people braved winter temperatures for a procession taking Father Seraphim’s body several miles by foot from a railway station to a church. Since then the relics were moved back to the monastery where they rested before the Communist takeover, seizure and closure of tens of thousands of church temples and monasteries.

The modern definition of American “democracy” appears to have changed from the point of view that Americans held at all levels as recently as the 1970’s. Where our freedom at that time preserved the right to worship God in whatever way we pleased – and this was always stated as the most important aspect of our freedom in those days, particularly against the enforced atheism of the Soviet Union – now the God element of liberty has been rejected, and our forces of “democracy” seem to state that anything but Christianity and traditional values is to be upheld.

Behind the politics and rhetoric of the media and the likes of James Clapper, Senator John McCain, Senator Jeff Flake and the multitude of liberal Democrats, the Russia they truly fear and hate is this Russia. The Russia that is unafraid to proclaim even in modern times that God is the true King of all.



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