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WATCH: Putin shows his new Russian-made Limo to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince

After their meeting, Putin showed Crown Prince Mohammed Al Nahyan his new Kortezh Limo

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) Mohammed Al Nahyan in Moscow, where they signed a strategic partnership. After the meeting, Putin showed the Crown Prince his amazing new Limo.

The limo was produced as part of the Kortezh project, which we covered in an article here.

Russia’s ‘Senate Limousine’: introducing Mr. Putin’s new car

The limo was part of a line of exclusive luxury cars, produced under Putin’s leadership, to give Russia a true luxury car to compete with the likes of Mercedes Benz and Rolls-Royce. The cars are produced under the name Aurus, a combination of the Latin word for “Gold” and Rus’.

While many doubted the project, saying Russia either didn’t have the technology, or the parts, for this monumental project, Russia did what she does best – proved them wrong. In what Vesti news called “reverse brain drain”, Russian experts working abroad, including in Italy returned home, to work with domestic engineers to complete the Kortezh project, as revealed in this documentary.

While Russia has the supercar Marussia, as well as domestic vehicles intended for economy, and middle class, she was until now, lacking a luxury car that was actually practical, for business and political leaders, as well as doctors, lawyers, and other high ranking dignitaries.

Marussia is beautiful, but not practical

Project Kortezh and Aurus have the answer to this dilemma. The goal was, as noted, to produce a practical high-end luxury vehicle, (as opposed to a supercar) which could be driven by everyone from private citizens, up to the Russian President…and maybe Arab Princes? They did it, and it’s 100% Made in Russia!

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed (bin Zayed is a patronymic, like Vladimirovich), hails from the United Arab Emarites; while he is the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the second largest city, and capital of the UAE, the largest city – Dubai, is world famous for being the pinnacle of Arab extravagance.

It is truly one of the most luxurious cities in the world, a place where Ferrari and Lamborghini is a normal sight on the street. Dubai is home to the tallest structure in the world, and is one of the most glorious cities in the Middle East. It is a wonder of Arab and Middle Eastern culture, a new Babylon.

That is a real picture of Dubai

Dubai is so extravagant, they build their own artificial islands, among other projects such as a climate controlled mini-city. The main point is,  they have money…lots of money…and they LOVE cars. Check out this video from popular Dubai Youtuber Mo Vlogs to see just how much they love their cars, as he casually displays a one of a kind supercar. This is normal in Dubai!

While Abu Dhabi is no Dubai, it’s also no Detriot. Abu Dhabi is beautiful, and wealthy as well…it actually contains the majority of the UAE’s oil reserves…far more than Dubai actually (Dubai got rich by different means). As an example of its wealth, Abu Dhabi is home to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, built in honor of the Crown Prince’s father.

The amazing structure has an almost Byzantine level of beauty, design, which should be no surprise, as the architect, Yousef Abdelky, is of true Byzantine blood, being a Syrian.

Hopefully, all this served to illustrate how wealthy the United Arab Emarites truly is…and as a result, they may become very interested in Russian luxury cars, seeing as they are known for collecting luxury cars in general. Dubai already took interest in Russian high-end Lobaev Sniper Rifles, as well as Russian hoverbikes for its police force, maybe they will soon want Aurus cars?

It’s not uncommon for the rich Sheikhs in this part of the world to have more than forty rare automobiles in their private collection. If the Crown Prince likes what he sees, and there is no reason he should not, the Kortezh project is truly remarkable, perhaps he will want his own similar limo. This could encourage other Arab leaders as well.

Putin’s limo is looking very chic!



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