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Was there sex in the USSR?

The USSR was not as innocent as you might think.

On July 17, 1986, the world discovered that there was “no sex in the USSR” during a TV talk show between the United States and the Soviet Union.

The Leningrad-Boston “telemost” (TV Bridge) was one of the first joint Soviet-American programs filmed live. When an American woman touched the topic of sex, a Russian lady, Lyudmila Ivanova, exclaimed to the whole world:

“There is no sex in the Soviet Union!..”

However, that was not exactly what she meant, as the viewers only caught the first part of her response interrupted by a burst of laughter. In response to the question of whether or not the Soviet media had the same amount of sexual content and violence as did the US media, Lyudmila responded by saying:

“There is no sex in the Soviet Union…on television!”

Subsequently, the edited version of the telemost was broadcast on Soviet television under the pretense of a live show, while Lyudmila Ivanova went down in history as the woman who declared that there was no sex in her country.

Her casual phrase became an instant anecdote and has made many people laugh. But you think about it, there actually was no sex back in the Soviet Union, compared to the “sexual revolution” of the 1960’s in the West. In contrast to the western sex propaganda, the Soviet government strongly supported the family institute in all possible ways.

Soviet poster “Children are the joy of the Soviet family, the future of our country”

The Soviet ideology in those days was against public affection and intimacy before marriage. For many in the USSR, the word “sex” was almost obscene. It was considered immoral to publicly discuss or to teach basic knowledge of sexuality and forms of contraception. Soviet women were encouraged and expected to give birth.

Soviet poster “Children are our future. Don’t deprive yourself of the joys of the motherhood”

The Soviet people of the 1980’s were deprived of short skirts, heavy make-up, sexy lingerie, or condoms. They were ashamed to even pronounce the word “condom” listed as a “mechanical-rubber product №2.”

Soviet poster “There is no sex in the USSR!!! Cover your breasts. Take out the party card”

Soon after the sensational statement, Russia experienced its own sexual revolution. Erotic publications and films practically swamped Moscow in the 1990’s.

Although Russians once joked that there was no sex in their country, now some might say there is too much. Today, the “mechanical-rubber product №2” is widely available in pharmacies, supermarkets, and most nightclub bathrooms.



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