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Vladimir Putin tells Oliver Stone, NATO “has no allies, it only has vassals” (Video)

Military conflict between Russia and US, the Russian leader said that no one on Earth would survive it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with US film director Oliver Stone (for the much anticipated Showtime TV channel series), that no one would survive if a war began between Russia and the United States.

Putin said, answering a question if the United States would be dominant in a “hot war” with Russia. The part of the interview was partially released by the

“I think no one would survive [such a conflict].”

Putin also noted that NATO is constantly looking for an enemy to justify its existence.

“There is no longer an Eastern Bloc, no more Soviet Union. Therefore, why does NATO keep existing? My impression is that in order to justify its existence, NATO has a need of an external foe, there is a constant search for the foe, or some acts of provocation to name someone as an adversary.”

The Russian President also told Stone that he hopes for a normalization of Russia – US relations…

“America has had the election. Donald Trump won. Is there any hope for change?”

“Hope? There is always hope. Until they are ready to bring us to the cemetery and bury us.”

The four-part Stone – Putin interview is expected to be aired by Showtime on June 12-15.



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