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Victory Day is approaching: Russian fighter jet acrobatics rehearsal in 360 degrees (Video)

Flying aboard MiG-29 over Moscow in Victory Day Parade rehearsal.

The “Swifts” and “Russian Knights” aerobatic teams are preparing for the Victory Day parade on May 9.

Check out the video below and be a part of the air rehearsal with the legendary pilots.

Two panoramic cameras placed on warplanes captured the maneuver in fantastic detail.

Via RT

The ‘Big Nine’ is a signature move performed jointly by Russia’s two aerobatics teams. The Swifts pilot five Mig-29s in a diamond shape while the Russian Knights put four of their Su aircraft in a smaller square formation between them. The warplanes fly with mere meters between them, which requires precision and unwavering focus from the pilots.

This unique 360-degree video was taken by RT as the two teams were training for the flyby they will perform over Moscow’s Red Square for the V-day parade.

This year, the Knights will be piloting new Su-30s rather than their usual Su-27s as they soar over Russia’s capital. One camera was placed in the cockpit of the new warplane, while another was installed on the tail fin of a Mig-29.



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