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US Congresswoman pushes for subpoena of Trump’s interpreter for meeting with Putin

Ultimately, it’s just a witch hunt

In order to get access to the contents of US President Trump’s conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting this past Monday, US Senator Jeanne Shaheen is insisting upon the congressional interrogation of an American interpreter. The politician voiced her idea on the social network Twitter, which resulted in a strident reaction among the network’s users.

The senator was reminded that Putin speaks English, maybe even more coherently than Trump himself, which means that they did not necessarily need an interpreter for the personal conversation, so that it makes no sense to interrogate her.

Also, many wondered why none of the senators wanted to declassify personal talks between Vladimir Putin and former US President Barack Obama.

“Dear senator, Putin speaks English okay … Stop the hate and look for better things to do for your constituency,” the another one supports.

The Senator was accused of hypocrisy, since before the appearance of Trump in the White House, no one had ever asked to declassify the personal talks of the US leader with other world leaders. Politicians are suspected of deliberately inflating the scandal and attempting to organize a witch hunt, which, in the end, is really what it is.

One of America’s leading parties is continuing to look for dirt on the other in a bid to weaken their position and to indirectly influence policy since they no longer possess the direct power to determine or control it themselves.

While it’s unlikely that they’ll actually get the the interpreter or her memorandum successfully subpoenaed for congressional review, the purpose behind it is doubtlessly that of mincing Trump’s words for something to use as fodder for additional criticism, which is presently their method of influencing American policy, since Trump is apparently so sensitive to it out a perceived need to defend his competence and legitimacy.



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