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Ukrainian spy busted in Crimea, now in custody

The Kiev regime keeps sending its agents to the peninsula, but they keep getting caught

(SouthFront) – Russian military counterintelligence has detained a civilian employee of the Black Sea Fleet, RIA reports, citing an anonymous source.

According to the source, the former fleet officer is suspected of “spying for another country”. The country he was sending information to was not specified.

The man is detained, and the matter is being investigated according to the source. Local sources say that the detained person is likely an Ukrainian spy.

Back in September two people from Crimea were arrested on suspicion of being spies for Ukraine. Allegedly they sent classified information about the Black Sea Fleet to Ukrainian special services. One of the arrested was a serviceman stationed in Crimea.

Back in April the authorities detained a supposed Ukrainian spy in Samara. During interrogations, the man admitted collecting information about transport and military objects in Donetsk People’s Republic, Rostov and Samara regions. He was deported.



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