Ukrainian consul suspended in Germany for Neo-Nazi, anti-semitic posts – VIDEO

“death to the anti-fascists” – Vasyl Marushchynets allegedly wrote on Facebook, praising the SS

It’s a very strange day, when Neo-Nazism is stronger in Ukraine, than in Germany; who would have imagined this was possible when around 70 years ago, Ukrainians and Russians fought side by side to drive Hitler’s armies, and the Uniate-Banderists off their land.

Sadly, the Nazis have returned to Ukraine, as we’ve seen in Odessa, and now, the original Ukrainian Nazis who fought with the SS are being rehabilitated, no longer traitors, but “Heroes” in post-Maidan Ukraine.

By an ironic fate, one of these Neo-Nazis ended up in Hamburg, Germany, as a Ukrainian Consul no less, who has allegedly written several, anti-Semitic, and Neo-Nazi posts on Facebook. This amazing video from acclaimed Ukrainian investigative journalist  Anatoly Shary (Wikipedia) exposes the neo-fascist posts, which naturally, are usually are deleted and covered up. The video has English subtitles, but you may need to turn them on (hit the CC button or the little gear).

In the video, you will see screenshots from the Facebook account of Vasyl Marushchynets, in which there are several posts of a distinctive pro-Fascists nature. This includes anti-Semitic posts, blaming the jews for WW2, saying they declared war against Nazi Germany, and praising Ukrainian historical figures who fought for Hitler and the Waffen SS Galacia division in Zakarpattya (Transcarpathia).

According to Reuters, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is addressing the issue, and Marushchynets may be recalled:

“Anti-semitism and those who stir up inter-ethnic discord can have no place either in civilized society or in the foreign ministry,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said on Twitter.

Asked what action the foreign ministry had taken in response to the reports about Marushchynets, ministry spokeswoman Mariana Betsa said a consul had been suspended.

“The question of recalling him is being considered,” she said by telephone without referring to anyone by name.

The German Foreign Ministry said it had been in touch with its Ukrainian counterpart to express its concern.

“We are looking at the anti-Semitic statements of the Ukrainian consul with concern. Such statements are totally unacceptable. We have clearly communicated this to the Ukrainian side,” a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement.

“It’s good that Ukrainian foreign minister Klimkin made it clear that anti-Semitism has no place at the Ukrainian Foreign ministry and that he will initiate proceedings.”

Of course, the attempts of the Ukrainian Foreign ministry essentially amount to a cover-up, more than anything else.

This is highly embarrassing for Ukraine, who have long denied that Neo-Nazism plays any significant role in Ukraine. At best, its brushed off as the actions of a few hooligans, and at worst, it’s completely denied as existing in any way at all.

This story, therefore, proves demonstrative that Neo-Nazi views are common in Ukraine, not simply amongst some Hopniki (urban hoodlums), like those who defaced a grieving mother statue with “Heil Hitler” graffiti.

Neo-Nazism is not simply common on the social media posts of random extremists, like this one saying May 2nd, the date of the Odessa Pogrom should be a national holiday for Ukrainians.

This Consul is representative and demonstrative of the fact that neo-fascist ideology is held at the highest levels of power.

Svoboda Party Leader Oleh Tyahnybok

Ukrainian President Poroshenko even said that Ukraine will win, when Eastern Ukrainian children are held up in bomb shelters, and “their” children will go to school. The worst part it – Poroshenko isn’t even close to the actual Nazis in their level of extremism, who rape and burn people alive.

This is not to say all Ukrainians are Nazis, as there is still resistance, but the Nazis have come to power in a violent coup after 2014, and threw out the common, sensible people.

They instilled greedy Oligarchs prostituting the nation, and Nazi enforcers beneath them. Nazism is also particularly strong in Western Ukraine (Galicia), where the Galician SS division fought, and many of its members were/are Uniates. It is these people who have taken power.

A Uniate Priest blesses Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

We have written extensively (I can not stress this enough), about the Nazis who burned people alive in Odessa, and given modern examples of neo-Nazism in Ukraine within the last month in this article. We also explained the historical roots of the Ukraine conflict. As a result, I will not restate what has been said, but I point to the article simply because there is so much evidence of this already manifest there.

The German government has spent years proving to the world they aren’t racist Nazis, but letting in as many refugees as possible, yet they have long turned a blind eye to the Neo-Nazism in Ukraine. This situation is merely another demonstrative example, that the West has opened Pandora’s box in Ukraine, and now it’s spread to Germany. Now Germans got a chance to see for their own eyes, the Nazism their government tolerates in Kiev. That’s an ironic fate fit for a Greek myth.



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