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Twitterverse names positive things about Russia after ex-CIA agent throws down

Russia-phobic hysteria takes down former agent, and the social network gives him a dose of calm, cool, reality

Russiophobes have dominated the American media narrative for a nauseatingly long time now, as we all know. The amazing thing still lies in the persistence of a false narrative generated by a country that is actually one of the greatest creators of false narratives in our times. And that is not the Soviet Union, it is our dear United States of America. However, at the same time, we have seen signs from both home and abroad that the Great Ride of Russian Hysteria is running out.

Former CIA agent John Sipher is the latest high-profile victim of Russophobia, but social media of all sources began to dispense the cure on March 6th. One can believe the man has gotten a bit of a rude awakening…

To which there were quite an interesting range of positive replies. Russia Today ( picked up this piece on their site and we at RussiaFeed would like to add more positive responses about Russia. Enjoy!

Cathedral of the Resurrection, Sretensky Monastery, Moscow, Russia

The list goes on… Feel free to add your own!



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