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Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn feel pity for Hillary Clinton and her Russian paranoia (Video)

Hillary acts like a sociopath, lashing out at everyone but herself.

Author Mark Steyn goes on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss Hillary Clinton’s bizarre comments on her US Presidential election loss to POTUS Trump at the Code Conference.

Steyn correctly notes that Hillary’s tiresome blame game is just more Russian hysteria fake news with a good measure of delusional behaviour.

Is Hillary Clinton really that paranoid of Russia and Putin? Does she actually believe Russia crushed her chances to win the election? Probably not. Hillary is clearly lying to the public.

Russiagate fake news is her way to stick it to America, and all those Americans who voted against her.

For Hillary if she can’t have the office of US President, then no one will have it. Her desire is to destroy the office of the US President, and her made up Russia meddling story is outrageous enough that a lot of triggered Americans, with the help of liberal left media propagation, will buy into it.



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