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This Vladimir Putin photo will become an instant classic!

Actions speak louder than words.

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama were never very friendly with one another, and respect between the current Russian President and former US president was little if none.

Under Obama, US-Russian relations hit an all time, dangerous low.

Obama and his neo-liberal mainstream media machine spent the better part of eight years character assassinating the Russian president.

Vladimir Putin, always the statesman, preferred to refer to Obama and the US as “partners”, letting his actions speak louder than words.

Yesterday President Putin marked the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

In a summer downpour, Putin laid a wreath in eternal memory of the heroes of the most harrowing and deadly war in human history.

The image of Putin standing in the rain, no umbrella will become an instant classic, showcasing the man that Obama could never be, and for whom the former POTUS displayed a special kind of contempt and jealousy.

Actions speak louder than words…which President has your¬†respect?



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