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These AMAZING postcards of 1914 show Moscow in 2259 better than any futuristic novel

Take a look at these 7 incredible pictures of Moscow in 23rd century by Russian artists of 1914.

Have you ever thought how your city would look like in 300 years?

Russians have!

In 1914, prior to the Communist revolution, several postcards were made depicting Moscow in the future. It can be seen from the postcards that just entered World War I Russia anticipated modern, technological future, though one that still closely resembled its present. The postcards depict daily life in different parts of the city, with everything from subways to airborne public transportation. And yet the city is represented still under monarchial rule.

Several years ago, these postcards were discovered when a chocolate company, Eyinem, included their reprints in their products.

We collected for you the entire set below.

Red Square

Lubyanka Square

Moscow River Bridge

Moscow River

Central Railway Station

Petrovskiy Park

Theatre Square

So what do you think: 20th century dream or near future?



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