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Sweet Russian Sofya Lansere is all the way up in Wimbledon

16-year-old Russian Lansere beats Columbian Serrano and gets into the quarter-finals!

Sweet Sofya Lansere

On July 12, 2017, Russia Sofya Lansere defeated Colombian María Camila Osorio Serrano with a score 7-5 6-1.

Sofya got stronger as the match went on, studying her opponent and becoming ruthless in her pursuit of victory. And now she is into quarter-finals!

A sweet, lovely, and talented Russian girl with an actual French surname was born on 29 Sep 2000 in Moscow and started playing tennis at the age of seven. Her personal hobbies include painting and cooking. Sofya is loved among her fellow Russian girls.

She was ranked way down at #216 last year, but she has skyrocketed to #55 on the Junior Circuit.

Let’s wish luck to Sofya!


Sweet Sofya Lansere



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