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SKILL: Russian snipers can hit this tiny coin from afar [Video]

Elite Russian snipers are training in the beautiful Belgorod region

Russia is legendary for her snipers, brave men, and women who brought the Nazi war machine to their knees during the Great Patriotic War. The famous Lyudmila Pavlichenko (from Bilaya Tserkva (White Church), Ukraine) was considered by far the deadliest female sniper in human history, slaying hundreds of Nazis, and immortalized even by the Americans in a Woody Guthrie song.

Russia continues this tradition of excellence in shooting skills today. Now, Russian news correspondents were given special access to watch the nations most elite snipers train. These guys are no joke, you wouldn’t believe how far away they can hit a coin from.

The Snipers were training in the fertile fields and forests of the Belgorod region, Western Russia, near the famous Kursk region where the legendary tank battle took place, and the Miraculous Kursk Root Icon hails from.

Belgorod in red, near Kursk, Orel, and Voronezh, south-west of Moscow

Belgorod is a very fertile region of Russia, in the Black Earth region, among the most fertile and blessed soil in the world. You know, the scientific word for Black Earth, the most fertile soil in the world is Chernozem (Чернозём – the “e” at the end only, is pronounced like “yo”– a Russian word.

Russia. Belgorod Oblast. Prokhorovka settlement. In the summer of 1943, Prokhorovka was the site of the Battle of Prokhorovka, a major armored confrontation during the Battle of Kursk of World War II. A memorial on the Prokhorovka battlefield

There are few places more lush and green in the world, than the areas around Voronezh, Kursk, Belgorod, Orel, and other regions including Tambov (very kind friends come from Tambov, it means “There is God”).

Russia. Belgorod Oblast. Prokhorovka settlement.

It must be said, that the soil of the Belgorod region was water with the blood of martyrs, Saints, and Heroes in WW2, and now Russia’s defenders train in her fields, in the hopes that never again would black wings fly over the vast fields of the Motherland and her black soil.

One of the nicest aspects of some areas of rural Russia, like Belgorod, is that there are many villages and small cities which preserve their ancient feel, and rural nature, but yet they’re very clean, orderly, and modernized like a 21st-century city. Like the Shire from Lord of the Rings, mixed with Minis Tirith – the White City.

Just look at how incredibly orderly this small town is, and there many other examples. Everything feels young and newly built, yet the surrounding region is quite old. Unlike in the US, the Russian government makes sure the sidewalks are nice and orderly, flowers are planted in perfect rows, and everything is clean and beautiful.

For more pictures of the Belgorod province, see here.

Belgorod itself, the provincial capital is also very beautiful, modernized, and larger than these examples. The word literally means White City, making it a cognate of the Serbian capital Belgrad/Beograd, which was the same meaning.

The city of around 350,000 people on the Ukrainian border is roughly the size of Cleveland, Ohio. It is not hard to figure out how Belgorod got named “The White City” either.

Still, should you visit, you can be assured you will find plenty of colors; this is Russia after all, and flowers are a must.

This beautiful region of Russia is now guarded by her most elite snipers, currently training there. That should not scare you away from visiting of course! As the Vesti video explains, these Snipers train for war, but never want to see one. They much prefer to shoot paper targets.

Still, they are prepared to guard this beautiful region, tragically unknown in the west.



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