SBU Storm office of Russian news agency, arrest and accuse editor of High Treason

RIA Novosti Ukraine has been raided as the Kremlin, with outrage, awaits International response

Kirill Vyshinsky, the head of major news agency RIA Ukraine, was arrested Tuesday morning, the same day their news offices were raided by the Ukrainian SBU, in a blatant assault on journalism and free speech.

Kirill Vyshinsky, RIA Ukraine head

According to SBU Spokeswoman Elena Gitlyanskaya:

“The chief of the propagandist anti-Ukrainian media resource RIA Novosti Ukraine, Kirill Vyshinsky, has been informed of suspicions regarding a committed crime,” the report said. “He has been detained. The criminal case for him cites charges under Clause 1 of Article 111 [High Treason] of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.”

Olena Gitlyanskaya, SBY spokesperson

It is highly cynical of Gitlyanskaya to refer to a legitimate journalist as a propagandist. This also represents how far down the fascist rabbit hole Ukraine has fallen, that dissenting media is classified as propaganda.

Anyone who speaks Russian, and read Russian language news can attest to the fact that there are plenty of sites and newspapers with critical views…to say the least. Some would even argue there is too much Russophobic media. Russia, however, is a country which respects free speech, and as a result, does not censor legitimate journalists.

Ukraine however, despite the talks of the “Western, democratic future”, is censoring journalists like a third world dictatorship, not the advanced leading nations it was once a part of, along with Russia.

Gitlyanskaya also added, according to RT, that the arrest and raid are part of an investigation into what she called “a network of media structures used by Moscow to wage a hybrid war” against Ukraine.

Here is my translation from the Russian report, in which RIA Novosti Ukraine described the assault on their offices:

On Tuesday morning, people in uniform bearing the insignia of the SBU entered the office. Eyewitnesses saw how people with a mechanical jack (a tool for tactical breaching of doors) entered the building, wherein the office of RIA Novosti Ukraine is located. After these events, connection was lost with a female journalist who was in the office.

With the chief editor arrested on accusations of High Treason, and the office raided, this effectively is a major blow to the extremely popular news agency. It is noted, that even despite the presence of Ukrainian nationalists, and the Ukrainization of the legal and educational systems, the Russian language strongly dominates in media – both news and entertainment. We discussed this extensively in this article.

Ukrainian Leader says Half of Ukraine is Mentally Retarded

Russian is so dominant in Ukrainian TV, that the comedy show Varyaty advertises as being “the first Ukrainian-language humor show”, if one takes a look at their website.

The dominance of the Russian language in Television News is considered a particularly large threat by the Kiev regime, as TV is the main source from which Ukrainians get their news. As a result, the Ukrainian government has been taking steps to artificially create more Ukrainian language news, as well as limit Russian, via quotas and other methods.

This dominance of Russian language is not to say that Ukrainians hate their language, as Ukrainians-Russians may often speak Ukrainian as well, however, the language has traditionally been a folk language, whereas major works and state affairs were in history, conducted in Russian. A good example of this is the legendary Russian-Ukrainian writer Nikolai Gogol, who could speak Ukrainian natively, however, wrote exclusively in Russian, a major exception being this letter.

Speaking of Russian, the Kremlin has been naturally very upset at these recent developments. The blatant attack on free speech in Ukraine has not gone unnoticed in Moscow. RT quotes Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov as saying:

“If these actions of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies are somehow related to the work of these media, they are absolutely outrageous and blatant [and] violate all norms and rules,” Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.

Such actions should be condemned by international organizations, Peskov continued. “We will be looking forward to [their] harsh and uncompromising response,” he stressed.

Russia will adopt “reciprocal measures” in response to the incident, but more details on the case are needed, Peskov said. “So far we only know that they [Ukrainian authorities] used force against the Russian media [and] deployed measures to restrict the freedom of our journalists…” the spokesman added.

The events in Kiev also caught the attention of acting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who said that Russia will demand access to the detained RIA Novosti journalists who are Russian citizens.

Lavrov noted that both the US and the European members of the OSCE “are simply obliged to finally comment on the issue without any double standards.”“We are waiting for some statements by the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media [Harlem] Desir,” Lavrov added.

Kiev has a long record of regularly expelling Russian journalists from the country or refusing access to government buildings and events. This May the SBU refused entry to three journalists from Russia, Italy, and the Czech Republic who were traveling to Ukraine to cover the anniversary of the 2014 tragedy in the city of Odessa.

A response from the West to these events is highly unlikely, seeing as they sat by offering petty condolences, when Neo-Nazis burned people alive and murdered pregnant women in Odessa.

If Russia had detained Latvian journalists, for example, let alone Westerners, it would have received massive international attention. It does not matter if they were even detained for actual crimes, whereas Russians can be arrested in Ukraine for no reason whatsoever.

This is the way the West works; taking advantage of the desire for freedom and democracy amongst uninformed westerners, they manipulate or fabricate facts to portray Russia in a negative light, while allowing those who serve their interests to literally get away with murder.

At this point, anyone paying attention should be completely accustomed to how this works: the double standards, the hypocrisy, the racism, the ignorance, the lies, the false flags, and the fake news.

In almost any situation, it’s the same narrative, different circumstances. If someone wanted to, I daresay they could create a standardized chart of classifications for archetypical narratives we constantly hear, for example, the “Russian aggression”, the “Syrian chemical weapons”, etc.

If someone tried hard enough, they could probably classify all these stories into something akin to the Aarne Thompson systems, a method of classifying folktales and myths based on their common elements, for example, Hero marrying Princess, or Magical helper give gifts, or mentor teaches young chosen one.

That is how contrived the narratives and double standards are, and also how common they have become. I suppose it’s unfair, however, to compare the reporting of the mainstream media, and the deep state narrative, to myths and folktales.

After all, myth and folktales contain at least a hint of the truth, whereas these narratives we keep hearing are total lies.

What we have seen in Kiev, is yet another suppression of the freedoms of the people, by a government that cares absolutely nothing for them. It is nothing new, however, we must continue to document these events, because hopefully one day, we will all look back on the era of fake news, and these ridiculous double standards, with shame and bewilderment.

Someday, we can regard the propagandists spouting this nonsense, as we do those who thought the earth was flat, and finally relegate that primitive thinking to the dustbin of history.



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