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‘Russians: make babies or we’ll be cleaning China’s boots’ says grandson of Saint

Famous Priest Dmitri Smirnov explains Russians have a patriotic duty: have at LEAST 7-8 kids

Father Dmitri Smirnov is not only one of Russia’s most beloved and respected Priests, but he is also the grandson of a Russian Hieromartyr (Priest-martyr), Saint Vasili Smirnov. As a result, when Father Smirnov speaks, Russians listen.

Father Smirnov (center)

In his latest discussion on the evening news, he explained how the Church is desperately trying to remind Russia that the future is in Russian children, and as a result, Russians have a patriotic obligation to have as many children as possible per family. Father Smirnov recommends at the very least seven to eight children.

The reality is, people are power, and while the population in the west dwindles, as savages invade and rape European women, and in turn, producing large families, Russia must make sure she strengthens her population, lest she fall prey to her enemies.



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