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Russian Presidential candidate offers Russian help in solving Europe’s migrant crisis

Vladimir Zhirinovsky has said that only Russian Special Forces can help to safely police Europe’s failed frontiers.

Russian Presidential Candidate Vladimir Zhirinovsky who leads the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), has proposed that Russian special forces help police Europe’s maritime borders in order to avoid a continued crisis which has sprung from Europe’s inability to police its own frontiers.

In a policy statement released on the web and social media, the LDPR stated,

“Vladimir Zhirinovsky: the European model of democracy has exhausted itself.
European politicians are trying to understand how to solve the problem of the influx of migrants and cope with the growing aggression of citizens of Asia and Africa. The LDPR leader explained what needs to be done.

The number of migrants from Arab countries in Europe is growing daily – seeking to avoid war in their homeland, people from Asia and Africa seek refuge in a more peaceful world, bringing with them their own norms of behaviour and habits. Refugees demand that they be allowed into the civilised world, they storm the tunnel under the English Channel, expand immigrant communities and try to impose their rules on Europeans.

According to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, this problem can solved. But for this, the LDPR leader noted, it is necessary to change the model of European democracy, making it more rigid and strong.
“All politicians in Europe want to be tolerant. They have, as we have in Brezhnev’s time, the friendship of peoples, the International. Europe is not able to resist the migrants.

Again, the Russian Special Forces, taking into account our military experience, our soldiers and policemen will restore order in Europe. We will be compelled to help them, because they themselves can not cope. The most important aspect of this invasion of migrants is that they are among the youngest population on the planet Earth. The average age of residents of Islamic countries is 20 years, 25 years maximum. Europe – 40-50 years. It’s different generations by age! And the youth wants a revolution, wants war, wants crime, wants blood – so they will move to Europe. And we need to understand that this is a serious problem that must be solved, “Vladimir Zhirinovsky stressed.

The LDPR leader recalled that the problem of the influx of migrants into Europe entails not only aggression on the part of illegal immigrants, but also protests of the indigenous population. There have already been recorded cases of arson attacks on the houses of migrants, the crushing of their camps. Because local residents are also clearly not happy with the slackness of their politicians, allowing illegal immigrants to do whatever they want.

The chairman of the LDPR summarized: “We must restore the former regime in Libya – with his help we will close the land borders on their part. We need to utilise the Russian Black Sea Fleet – and we will close the sea borders. Then we will put things in order  in Europe, where excess refugees will no longer come. And those who are today, accustom to order – the most stringent measures, using all that is available in the arsenal of any state. Otherwise, they themselves will bring order – and all of Europe will be in the blood! There is no other way out!

I talked about this many years ago – we do not want cruelty, but you see what happens! Explosions will rattle in all cities of Europe! And hundreds and thousands will perish! There is no other way – only the iron hand of the Russian army and Russian special forces! We will restore order in Europe! And they will be grateful to us! “

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Posted by Либерально-демократическая партия России (ЛДПР) on Thursday, August 24, 2017

While Zhirinovsky’s policies may be welcomed by many citizens in Europe, it may be difficult based on the current composition of Europe’s political class, to implement such an agreement.



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