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Russian parliament to outlaw sorcery and witchcraft

The proposed law targets those selling ‘extra-sensory’ services on television

( – In addition, the participation of so-called sorcerers and witches in television shows about psychics will become an aggravating circumstance for them. According to representative of the State Duma Committee on Labor, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs, Sergei Vostretsov, hundreds of people fall victims to such fraudsters.

The MP noted that magicians and sorcerers take part in specialised TV shows, gain popularity and find their clients, whom they can subsequently use as a source of stable income.

Vostretsov stressed that the Duma does not attempt to prohibit witchcraft. The efforts are to be taken to protect people from those individuals, who want to profit from their so-called extra sensorial abilities. The MP added that “sorcerers” and “witches” cause serious psychological damage, and modern television contributes to that.



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