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Russian military arranges return of 9,500 refugees to Syria’s Rif Dimashq province

Russia is apparently doing more to keep refugees out of Europe than Angela Merkel

(TASS) – Officers from the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides in Syria have arranged the return of more than 9,500 refugees to the Al-Buwaidah settlement in the Rif Dimashq province.

“The negotiation process was rather difficult but we managed to succeed by making joint efforts,” the Russian Center’s spokesman Major General Viktor Pankov told reporters. “We made a joint working visit to the settlement, assessed the situation, particularly its security aspect,” he said, adding that “we managed to bring back 1,500 families, which is more than 9,500 refugees.”

In the near future, the Russian military and the Syrian Ministry for National Reconciliation plan to implement an ambitious program aimed at the return of refugees. “Our cooperation is not limited to Al-Buwaidah. It concerns the entire southern region. We have made inspection visits to several other areas and we have joint plans [for the return of refugees – TASS] to be implemented in the near future,” Haidar stressed.



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