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Russian Olympic competitors given hero’s welcome on return to native soil (VIDEO)

Despite tough odds and discrimination, Russia’s athletes brought home more than one gold and many silver and bronze

Crowds were chanting “Rossia! Rossia! Rossia!” as Russia’s victorious Olympians returned home following the closing ceremony on Sunday, Februrary 25th in PyeongChang.

We won’t lie, 2018 was one of the worst years in Russian Olympic history, as it felt like the world was against Russia, and all sorts of slander was thrown in her face. Still, the athletes returned to Russia as if it was their triumph, because after all, victory against all odds is part of the Russian spirit.

In the video below, you’ll also find a short conversation with one of the athletes who brought Russia her first bronze in a certain field. He said he already misses his homeland’s food, he’s tired of rice, he’s ready for hot pelmeni (stuffed dumplings) and sala (literally some of the best treats known to man).



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