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Russia wants to sanction McDonald’s

“It is not a ‘holy cow!'”

Russian Senator Aleksey Pushkov:

“After this scandal with McDonald’s we could start from imposing targeted sanitary sanctions against this company. It is not a ‘holy cow.’”

This came after a McDonald’s employee from Louisiana posted a set of pictures on Twitter of the inside of one of its restaurants. The images revealed the bad conditions of the kitchen machinery and awfully dirty floors.

While the pictures went viral, McDonald’s press service has not yet responded to the reports.

The iconic US chain was one of the first Western corporations to enter Russian markets after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

First McDonald’s opens in Soviet Union (January 31, 1990).

Today, McDonald’s is spread all over Russia employing tens of thousands of staff and selling over $1 billion in fast food through over 400 outlets every year.



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