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Russia to take 50 SU-35S fighters into inventory this year

Russian Aerospace Forces’ inventory of most advanced fighter outside US set to double

The Russian Defence Ministry has confirmed that a further SU-35S fighter jets will join the Russian Aerospace Force’s inventory this year.

The S-35S is the most advanced fighter in service in current service anywhere in the world apart from the F-22 Raptor, which is in service with the US air force.

Unlike the F-22 the SU-35S is not a fifth generation stealth aircraft.  However it possesses super-manoeuvrability and extremely advanced electronics including the Irbis-E passive electronically scanned radar.

The Russian Aerospace Forces are believed to have 58 of these very advanced fighters in their inventory.  The addition of a further 50 by the end of the year will represent a major increase in capability.

Meanwhile the Russian Defence Ministry has also confirmed that Russia’s fifth generation fighter – the SU-T50, a stealth fighter with an an active electronically scanned radar, will shortly begin tests with its new definitive engine, which should significantly enhance its performance.



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