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Russia says will totally eradicate ISIS from Syria within 2 months

The process for reaching a final settlement and rebuilding Syria will begin soon, said Moscow’s special envoy Alexander Lavrentyev

(Fort Russ) – Moscow anticipates that Syria will be completely freed from ISIS within the next two months, Russian president’s special envoy for Syria, Alexander Lavrentyev, said on Tuesday.

“The situation on the ground is developing rather swiftly. The fight against Islamic State [ISIS] is at the final stage,” he said at a news conference in Astana.

“We all hope that at least in one or two months there will be no [ISIS] armed groups in Syria and there will be no settlements used by this terrorist group as its strongholds,”  he continued.

He then went onto express Moscow’s hope that a peaceful solution to resolving the Syrian war could be found through dialogue.

“I would like to note that the Russian side sees the necessity to look for options of launching national dialogue and for these ends has announced an initiative to organize a congress of Syrian national dialogue,” he said.

Credit: Paul Antonopoulos



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