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Russia prepares of missile defence exercises and the west gets spooked

The exercises are in Russia and in its Union State ally Belarus

Russia is preparing for drills of its Strategic Missile Troops in Russia’s western regions. The exercises will ready the Russian armed forces for the event of defensive measures if Russia or her allies come under a missile and/or aerial attack.

The legendary S-300 missile defence system will play a prominent role in the drills.

Oddly, some in Europe are panicking over the drills in spite of the fact that these will consist of Russian troops doing exercises IN RUSSIA and also in Belarus which forms a mutual Union State with the Russian Federation which entails an historic military and strategic alliance.

The Baltic states in particular are worried about this even though the United States and its allies frequently conduct major military exercises in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania which needless to say are quite a distance from the United States.

Unlike NATO, Russia has not and never intends to commit an act of regression using its military, but with NATO bases on all sides of Russia, one can more than understand Russia’s need to prepare itself for the worst.

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