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Russia invites German army to participate in joint training exercises

Russia’s deputy defense minister extended an invitation to the German military to conduct logistics training

( – Deputy Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Dmitry Bulgakov invited the German military to participate in special exercises of the logistics support system (MTO) in 2018 and called on foreign military diplomats to cooperate more actively in the fight against international terrorism.

Answering the question of the German military attache about the possibility of participation of servicemen of their country in the exercises of the material and technical support system of the Armed Forces of Russia, the Deputy Minister of Defense invited the representatives of the armed forces of Germany to take part in special exercises of the logistics system in 2018. At the same time, he noted the openness and transparency of these maneuvers, as well as all the activities of combat training of the Russian army. In addition, Bulgakov invited everyone to participate in the upcoming in 2018, “International Army Games.”

“We need an open dialogue and discussion of issues, including those aimed at resolving common security problems, and primarily to combat international terrorism,” Bulgakov said at a briefing for foreign military attaches.

He assured that the Russian Ministry of Defense on a systemic basis “will continue to inform the Russian and world public, including representatives of the military diplomatic corps, of deliveries to the Russian Armed Forces and of developments by the domestic defense-industrial complex of modern and promising equipment in accordance with international treaties” .

The deputy head of the military department recalled that the central bodies of the military logistics administration subordinated to him on a regular basis are making visits to foreign countries for the exchange of experience, participate in the work of international exhibitions and organize receptions of delegations of foreign countries.



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