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Russia hating, late night talk show host Stephen Colbert is in Russia

Beware, Colbert will return to the US to bash Russia.

US late night TV talk show host, Stephen Colbert is in Russia this week, and he will make a scheduled appearance on the late night Russian talk show hosted by Ivan Urgant.

CBS confirmed that Colbert is in Russia “on assignment for a future broadcast,” but the network would not detail what Colbert was doing in Russia.

The official Instagram account for “Evening Urgant” posted Colbert’s photo, which appears with text that reads “June 22.”

Ivan Urgant also posted a selfie with Colbert with a caption in Russian saying “Evening Colbert.”

Вечерний Colbert #вувпитере

A post shared by Иван Ургант (@urgantcom) on

Colbert also tweeted a pic in front of the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.

The tweet took a jab at POTUS Trump that said ‘he’ll help find the taped recordings of his conversations with FBI Director James Comey.’

Colbert hates two things with a passion, Trump and Russia.

Colbert may act nice to his hosts in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but expect the TV talk show host to ridicule and mock Russia the minute he returns to the United States.



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