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Russia green lights new long range missile for S-400 system

The new missile may be accepted for service before the end of summer

Trials of the new 40N6E long range missile for the S-400 SAM system have been completed and are expected to enter service before the close of summer. The S-400 can strike targets up to a distance of 250km, where the new 40N6E provides the capability of striking targets at up to 400km and an altitude of up to 185km.

TASS reports:

MOSCOW, July 3. /TASS/. Russia has completed the state trials of the 40N6E long-range missile for the S-400 air defense system, a source in the domestic defense industry told TASS on Tuesday.

“The state trials of the 40N6E long-range missile for the S-400 system have been completed at the Kapustin Yar practice range. The inter-departmental commission has recognized them as successful and the corresponding certificate has been signed,” the source said.

The new missile “may be accepted for service before the end of summer,” the source noted.

Russia’s Almaz-Antey Group, the developer of the S-400 surface-to-air missile system, declined to comment on the information provided by the source.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, the 40N6E missile is capable of striking targets at a maximum range of 400 km.

Unconfirmed data suggest that the missile can hit targets at the maximum altitude of 185 km. The pre-production batch of 40N6E missiles was manufactured in late 2013, according to open sources.

In 2015, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced for the first time that the new missile had successfully hit an air target.

The S-400 Triumf is a long-and medium-range air defense missile system designed to hit air attack weapons (including stealth aircraft), and also any other air targets. As of today, the S-400 can hit targets at a distance of up to 250 km.

The S-400 already boasted of the best capabilities in its class, but with the new 40N6E, it is considerably improved, and with its capabilities to strike any air target, including stealth aircraft, it brings the ability to ensure security not just against actual attacks from enemy aircraft, but also the ability to deter spy craft.



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