RT Chief DESTROYS Atlantic Council – ‘You don’t know JACK about the world’

The Atlantic Council stated the obvious, there are Nazis in Ukraine – they got DESTROYED by Margarita Simonyan

The Atlantic Council recently put out an article entitled:

Ukraine’s Got a Real Problem with Far-Right Violence (And No, RT Didn’t Write This Headline)

I wrote a response to this article, debunking it’s main premise, that the far right issue in Ukraine is an outlier getting in the way of Ukraine’s “democratic transition”. In reality, the Euromaidan is both a source and product of the far-right infestation plaguing Ukraine, and I analyze its origins and roots in an extensive historical-cultural article here.

Atlantic Council says ‘Ukraine has far right problem’ No…Really?!?

The article was so annoying, it caught the eye of RT Chief Margarita Simonyan, particularly because of the way it slandered RT. Margarita Simonyan is one of Russia’s brightest media minds, and while she’s known for her leadership of Russia’s flagship foreign news agency, she can write very powerful and red pilled responses that blow the minds of the corporate media moppets. I translated one of her great responses before.

RT Chief Margarita Simonyan “Why we don’t respect the West anymore”

Seeing as they’re always so good, I translated her response to the Atlantic Council below. Enjoy!

Dear Atlantic Council!.. You don’t know JACK about the world around you

By Margarita Simonyan, Translated by Matfey Shaheen

Dear Atlantic Council, for the fourth year, we have been concretely proving to you, and to the whole world, that Ukraine has been overrun by Nazis.

For the fourth year, you have slandered us, saying we are bringing fake news and propaganda.

You, and those like you, who write “RT is false propaganda, because they claim Nazism is being promoted in Ukraine”

And now look, you have an article, and I quote the headline “Ukraine’s Got a Real Problem with Far-Right Violence (And No, RT Didn’t Write This Headline)”.

The Atlantic council further writes that Nazi groups receive state funding, cooperate with municipal authorities and state security groups, launch attacks against Jews, Gypsies, environmentalists, and Gays, and nothing happens to them for it.

And the authorities in Kiev, we’re to understand, bat their eyes like they’re innocent, and meekly says it can’t be so!

Maybe you will finally realize, that you don’t believe us, not because we are lying, but because you don’t know a single thing about the world around us! You know nothing about the world around you, because you are poorly educated, you read very little, but enough to go completely wrong. You only hang around the same group of prejudiced or downright crazy people, who only strengthen your arrogant ignorance.

Maybe, if you were not so confident in your rightness, and interested in the slightest way in reality, you would have learned that in Odessa, Nazis burned dozens of people.

You would have learned, that the Crimean people truly wanted to join Russia, and their forced Ukrainianization was seen as just that – violent Ukrainianization.

Maybe you would have learned, that the war in Donbass began, not because Putin decided to snatch for himself, another territory, it’s still not even understood why you think this territory was even needed.

The war in Donbass began, not because of Putin, but because the new Ukrainian government who’s praises you sing ,decided their first decree would be to ban the Russian language, which is spoken by half the country.

Maybe you would realize that in Russia, the attitude towards gays may not be the same as, say, in New Hampshire today, but it is exactly the same as it was in New Hampshire 20 years ago, when I studied there, and my teachers were simply forbidden to talk about it.

The Russian attitude is certainly better than some of your closest allies, who cut gays to pieces in public squares.

Well, the list goes ever on.

What a beautiful world it will be, when you wake up from your stupid textbooks and methodologies, self-praising gatherings with your “democratic” friends. You just await for public grants, to provide you only the news that you want to hear – the views of kindergarten level analysts on TV channels which are headed by your own former, or future manager. What a beautiful world it will be, when you see the obvious.

Then, I can finally retire with pleasure to rest among the lavender, in my Adler garden. (Adler is a resort on the Black Sea).

Oh, and yes, it’s an RT headline.

Atlantic Council says ‘Ukraine has far right problem’ No…Really?!?



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Atlantic Council says ‘Ukraine has far right problem’ No…Really?!?