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RARE: beautifully restored color videos of Imperial Russia

Beautiful videos give a window into Imperial Russia and her Imperial Family

Imperial Russia was in many ways, the last bastion of the Roman Empire – The Third Rome, as Russian Czars were anointed descendant of Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Emperors, who ruled over Constantinople – the Second Rome.

Imperial Russia also belongs to the continuing heritage of Holy Rus’, which lives on in the hearts of the faithful, and exists in the Russian lands, whenever people sing her songs. Many a Hero, Saint, and Luminary did these songs produce, how many of you yet sing Oh Holy Rus’?

In this beautiful video, restored to color and speed corrected, you will hear the people hymn the anthem, and the prayer “God Save the Czar!”

It must be understood, that I describe the anthem as a prayer, because the Czar is not a political leader, it is believed that he is blessed by God, and as a result, Monarchs have a religious nature to their reigns. They are not elected by, and thus, subject to, the whims of men.

If you listen to the actual words of the Imperial Hymn, it is quite obvious it is intended as a prayer. Here is my translation of the seldom heard (and even more seldom translated) full version:

God Save the Czar
Strong and Sovereign,
Reign to glory – for our glory
Reign to the fear of enemies,
Oh Orthodox Czar
God save the Czar!

God save the Czar!
Many years unto the Glorious One,
Grant on the Earth!
The humbler of the proud,
The Defender of the Weak,
and to all a comforter,
Send all thus unto us.

The first among the nations of the earth,
Orthodox Rus!
God save! God Save!
Preserve her Harmonous Empire,
In power, calm and serene
And all that’s unworthy
Cast away from Her!

O, Providence,
Send down your blessings upon us
For a good will,
In happiness – humility,
In suffering –  patience
Grant on Earth!

You may also enjoy this video with similar rare footage.

“The righteous shall flourish like the Phoenix”



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