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PUTIN TO STONE: US meddled in Russian elections

Long before Putin was a national figure in Russia, the US had meddled in Russian elections.

In the final broadcast of a lengthy series of interviews the American film-maker Oliver Stone conducted with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian President confirmed that the US has meddled in all major Russian elections from the 1990s up to the 2012 Russian Presidential election.

According to Putin, the United States “gathered opposition forces and financed them, went to opposition rallies”.

Putin also stated that the worse instance of meddling by the US was in the 2012 Presidential election that Putin ultimately won with 63.6% of the vote.

By contrast, Putin stated that claims about Russian interference in the US political process are a “lie”. He elaborated,

“We have not engaged in any cyberattacks. It is hard to imagine that any country, including a country like Russia, could seriously influence the electoral campaign and its results”.

In recent years, America’s ability to influence Russian politics has been increasingly limited, although in 1996, America openly boasted of helping to secure Boris Yeltsin’s victory in a heated election that he could have well lost to long time Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov.



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