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Poland warns Ukraine it might dump Kiev for better relations with Moscow

Though Poland genuinely pursuing better relations with Russia seems unlikely, it is becoming increasingly fed up with Ukraine’s antics

( – If there is a choice between Ukraine and Russia, some countries will choose Moscow. Krzysztof Szczerski, the Head of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland claimed this as TVP Info reported.

According to Szczerski, the countries that support Ukraine can decide on Moscow sooner or later.

‘The relations with Kyiv for countries of our regions are not the function of the relations with Moscow. I am afraid that if there is such situation when Europe is forced to choose between Ukraine and Russia then other capitals that Kyiv counts on will choose Moscow’, Szczerski said.

He added that the issue is firstly about the countries of Eastern Europe, including Poland that can withhold its help to Ukraine in the case of occurrence of a new political crisis.

Szczerski also complained about the unwillingness of the Ukrainian authorities to lift the moratorium on the exhumation of the Poles in Ukraine.

‘When the issue is about the policy of identity, then the most demonstrative is the ban for the exhumation. It is not the memorials’ issue but only the humanitarian issues’, he concluded.

The relations between Kyiv and Warsaw escalated during the recent time due to the disagreement on the historical issues. The details are revealed in the article ‘War of memorials: Relations between Ukraine and Poland deteriorated again’.



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