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Mexican football fans share their first impressions of Russia

The only ‘big beautiful wall’ was the one which surrounds Kazan’s historic Kremlin

Mexico has beaten Russia 2-0 in a Confederation Cup match, but even though the score left Russian fans disappointed, Mexicans who travelled to Kazan to watch the action were as impressed with their Russian hosts as they were with their team on the pitch.

David ‘El Rey’ of the Mexican football fan club Pancho Villa’s Army said of the Russians he meat,

“They are very welcoming, very humble. The complete opposite of what is thought at times from the outside”.

Mexican fans enjoyed a plethora of festivities including free music performances, dance events and a lively atmosphere in locals bars and leisure centres.

Mexico might not be the most popular country in the United States among some Trump supporters, but when it comes to Russia, there was no ‘wall’ in the way of Mexicans enjoying all that Russia has to offer.



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