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How magnificent is this Russian countryside! [Video]

Enchanting Russian Churches and Orthodox music across beautiful Russia

Below is a beautiful video of the endless Russian lands; a montage of some of the most beautiful Churches and Cathedrals of Rural Russia, together with captivating Russian chant.

You don’t have to be religious to find this land and her churches beautiful, and the singing is a good escape from the vitriol of 21st-century politics. Russia is a vast land, and this video travels from her massive cities into her vast countryside and her beautiful sea-shore.

In the video, they are singing a version of Psalm 103 (102 in Western numbers) which was shortened and set for music during All-Night Vigil. The Psalm is sometimes called the “Creation Psalm” because the entire version describes the creation of the world in the biblical narrative. The translation of the Slavonic words are below:

Bless thou the Lord, O my soul. Blessed art thou, O Lord my God. O Lord my God, thou art become exceedingly glorious. Blessed art thou, O Lord my God.

Thou art clothed with majesty and honor. Blessed art thou, O Lord my God. The waters stood above the mountains. Marvelous are thy works, O Lord! Among the hills flow the waters.
Marvelous are thy works, O Lord, In wisdom hast, thou made them all.
Glory to thee O Lord, who has made them all.

The group singing is known as Quatro (Rus: КватроSee their youtube channel here. As the name implies, they are a quartette made up of 4 graduates of the Academy of Choral Arts named after A.V. Sveshnikov.

Their 4 voices are described like the 4 temperate seasons.

The ringing tenor of Anton Sergeev is a sunny summer, the mesmerizing baritone of Leonid Ovrutsky – a velvet autumn, Daniel Karzanov’s deep bass and epic winter, the graceful tenor Anton Boglevsky – romantic spring

Their repertoire includes a variety of styles – from classics to romances, to the golden hits of Soviet and foreign music, as well as songwriting.

If you find any of the churches you see particularly beautiful, and would like to know the name, history, or architectural style, ask me in the comment section down below (give the video timestamp), and I will do my best to find the information for you.



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