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Girls in Russia put on bikinis to get FREE gas (PHOTOS)

Let’s be honest…we’re all winners here

In what may have been the most brilliant marketing scheme ever, all the ladies had to do was go to the station dressed in a bikini, and pump the gas themselves i.e. without a friend doing it for them.

Then they needed only go inside and tell the cashier their pump number “with a smile on their face”, because they just got a free tank of gas.


Now before anyone says this is demeaning to women, it must be said that:

  • This is entirely voluntary!
    • No one is forcing these women to do anything.
  • It’s just a Bikini, no different than what they would feel comfortable to wear on the beach.
    • Russia and Europe are much more comfortable with the human body, but some foreigners may freak out as if this is the end of the world.
  • These women are literally getting free gas of a brand of their choice for doing all that – who is really being had here?

But most of all…it’s an equal opportunity program! You heard it! In what may just be Russian humor at its finest, the offer was open to guys too, though as the rules remain the same for both sexes, no guy sensibly wanted to participate. Now that would be demeaning.


The city was once closed, however now it is open to the world and eager for your tourism.














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