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DMITRY MEDVEDEV: Russia’s economy is on the rise

Russian Prime Minister says economy growing, urges to support, boost positive trends.

Last week, Alexander Mercouris from RussiaFeed reported that Russia made the final payment of $152 million to Bosnia thus clearing the Soviet debt completely.

During the last three years, claims were made that Russia is getting into crisis and default as a result of the collapse in oil prices in 2014 and the sanctions imposed.

As Alexander concluded,

“Instead Russia has effortlessly paid off all its Soviet era debt, has Central Bank foreign currency reserves that now amount to $420 billion, is currently running a surplus on its consolidated budget, and has a public debt to GDP ratio of less than 15%, the lowest of any G20 state.”

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Today, we can see the proof of Alexander’s statement from the Kremlin.

Sputnik reports:

“Despite the external pressure and sanctions, tight constrains on capital and technological component, our economy has overall adapted to the new realities and began growing … Positive tendencies in economy should be supported and strengthened,”

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at a meeting on the macroeconomic forecast.



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