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Crimean leaders respond to Poroshenko’s DANGEROUS provocations

Poroshenko said the Ukrainian flag will fly again in Sevastopol

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, out of touch with reality – as usual – has declared that the Ukrainian flag will fly high again in Crimea; Crimean leaders reply. Earlier, Crimean leaders have already addressed the dangers of Ukrainians talking about forcefully returning Crimeans to Ukraine, against the will to remain in Russia, as I covered in this article.

The chairwoman of the Legislative Assembly of the city of Sevastopol, Yekaterina Altabayeva, commented on Petro Poroshenko’s words that the Ukrainian flag will be raised again in the city.

She said in a (Russian) statement:

“Sometimes it’s just sad, when it a head of state does not know how to assess the situation and the opportunities that exist,” Altabaeva said in an interview with RT. She stressed that even when Sevastopol was part of Ukraine, it remained a Russian city.

Further, she noted that Crimeans, more specifically the people of Sevastopol, always felt Russian, due to their history we discussed in this article. She noted that the people of Sevastopol in particular never deeply felt attached to the Ukrainian national project started by the Austro-Hungarians. She noted in Sevastopol, the Russian flag would fly even when Crimea was in Ukraine.

“On our holidays we raised our own and Russian flags, in this sense we were a special territory even then, and now even more so,” the head of the Legislative Assembly noted.

This picture below, shows Sevastopol people waving Russian flags, and welcoming the Russian Navy back to Sevastopol 2008. A BBC article refers to the people as “pro-Russian Ukrainians” as this took place well before the reunification of Crimea with Russia in 2014. This is just a small example of how common it was to see Russian flags in this very Russian city.

Sevastopol has always been, is and will be part of Russia, Altabaeva stressed. It is ridiculous and downright figthining how forign leaders talk about “returning” a land against the will of its people. Crimean people feel strongly that no one has the right to “return them” like they are furnature.

They are people who made the concrete choice to return to Russia themselves. It’s called self-determination, but the west only respects that when it confirms their own narratives.

A hilarious Russian political cartoon lampshaded the idea of other nations fighting over Crimea. In it, Poroshenko fights with the Crimean Tatar group “Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People” which is banned in Russia. They recently threatened to stage mass protests in Kiev, if Ukrainian leaders do not create Crimean Tatar-National Political autonomy.

In the cartoon, Poroshenko says: “Crimea is ours!” And they respond “No, it is Ours!”

Crimea then says

“Calm down guys. I’m already, and have long been home (in Russia).

The Crimean-Tatars have ruled Ukraine together with the Ottoman Turks for centuries longer than the Ukrainians, who have only controlled Ukraine, (as a part of the Soviet Union) since it was moved there against the Soviet Constitution in 1954.

Crimean people were not asked by Khrushyov if they wanted to be moved, they were told. Now, Poroshenko and the west wants to dictate to Crimeans where they can go again, even though Russia asked, and they choose Russia.

Ukraine has only ruled Crimea independently from 1991 to 2014, whereas the Penisula has been Russian since 1783.

Much like southern Ukraine, all its major cities were built by Russia from the 18th century onward. See here for a deep analysis of Crimean history written by yours truly.

Altabaeva also added that the flag of Ukraine can now appear in the city, only next to the Russian flag, in the event of a visit of “reasonable” Kiev politicians, just as any foreign flag would appear at a meeting with representatives of other states. As many do not consider Poroshenko to be reasonable, he will have to wave his flag elsewhere.

Crimea? More like cry me a river. As noted, Crimean leaders have earlier addressed the issue of the provocative actions and statements of Ukrainian authorities towards Crimea.

Crimean Leaders say Ukraine risks a ‘HOT’ War

In the above article, I wrote the following concerning military drills conducted by Ukraine on the Crimean border:

According to RIA Novosti, the Press Service of the Ukrainian military has described the purpose of the drills in provocative and alarming ways, saying that their soldiers and artillery:

Worked out plans for the defeat of targets deep within enemy lines in “tempoararily occupied territories”.

Despite the Ukrainian military using the term “temporarily occupied territories”, Crimean people have conclusively chosen to rejoin Russia in a democratic action demonstrating their right to self-determination. Crimea is now Russian land, not occupied territories. For an in-depth look at the history of Crimea, see my article here.

The sooner the choice of the Crimean people is understood, the safer the situation can become, yet Ukrainian leaders continue to play games with the lives of their servicemen and women.

The words of Crimean leader Grigory Ioffe demonstrate just how much Russia cares about the lives of all peoples, especially her Slavic Sister Ukraine.

Grigory Ioffe, head of Crimea’s Public Chamber felt that Ukraine is playing with the lives of its military members like they’re tin soldiers.

He warned that while Ukraine likes to play war games on the Russian borders, Crimeans do not view these proactive actions as games. He Russia is doing everything it can to prevent an escalation into a “hot” conflict, as that would NOT be a game, and it would end very bad for Ukraine.

Ioffe said:

                 “We must remember that they [the Ukrainian military] are not toy soldiers, they are living people!”

He concluded with saying that Ukraine was doing the opposite of Russia’s efforts to end the conflict, saying:

                God Forbid if the plans of the insane leadership of Ukraine are implemented.

Russia would concretely win a war with Ukraine, so his concern, and that of Russia is actually for their Slavic Sister Ukraine. Unlike Ukraine, Russia realizes they are being used as a toll and proxy by Anti-Slavic western forces, to cause Slavs to fight Slavs.

Ukrainian leaders expose themselves as not caring for the Ukrainian people, when they make such provocations about what amounts to an unwinnable conflict with Russia, which would be devastating for Ukraine, but tragic for Russia too on a spiritual level.

They make these provocations as cheap stunts for political support, and in order to please the armies of far-right ultra-nationalist running around, doing the real fighting, who would happily overthrow them, as we discussed in this article.

Atlantic Council says ‘Ukraine has far right problem’ No…Really?!?

Western NGOs – so, the source the Ukraine crisis, even admit there is a few that the Neo-Nazi battalions incorporated into the Ukrainian national guard and security services can threaten to overthrow the government, which is an understatement when they actively burn people alive and killed over 10,000 people including children. This is not even to mention how they torture and imprison people.

A SBU sign in Kherson, Ukraine, near the Crimean border says “Russophobia? There is a way out. We cure people of Love of Russia” and sarcastically and cynically provides the number and address of the SBU.

That was the whole purpose of the article above, which I highly recommend, as we expose the Western narrative in depth.

It is ridiculous to claim that Ukraine simply has “a far-right problem” four years later, when Western NGOs funded the Maidan, and people like Victoria Nuland know good and well what happened. She just brushes the Nazis off as simply being “ugly colors”.

It seems the most evil of the provocateurs have only one true goal, to fight Russia to the death of the last Ukrainian. They are not true friends of Ukraine, they know what will happen if a war breaks out. Their goal is simply to weaken the estate of Slavic people – they don’t want Slavs uniting into a powerful union, and promoting friendship among each other.

They want to keep the power structure of Europe in the West, and for this reason they slander Russia, even though modern Russia is more “European” by old standards, than the West.

EU to Boycott Russia for being “anti-Western” but Russia is more Western than the West

If two Slavic countries of the same culture go to war, who benefits? Pro-Tip: History shows Slavs do not benefit from wars between Slavs…so who does that leave remaining who benefits?



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Atlantic Council says ‘Ukraine has far right problem’ No…Really?!?

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