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Centerpiece arch of Crimean bridge installed in 12 hour operation (VIDEO)

The engineering marvel some said couldn’t be built just passed a crucial milestone

The much heralded Kerch Strait bridge, being built to connect the Crimean peninsula with the Russian mainland, has just received one of its key components.

A massive 6,000 ton railway arch, with a length of 227 meters, has been installed in a delicate operation which lasted 12 hours.

When completed, the bridge is intended to include 4 lanes of vehicular traffic and 2 rail lines. The new arch, part of the railway component, will allow large ships to pass under the bridge unimpeded.


The first vessel has already passed under the arch, in footage captured by news agency Sputnik:

The Russian and Ukrainian governments first agreed to cooperate on building a bridge linking Crimea with Russia in 2010, but the project had been stalled.

After Crimeans voted to reunify with Russia following Ukraine’s 2014 coup d’etat, President Vladimir Putin said Russia would build the bridge on its own.



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