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Boss Putin takes the wheel, talks Snowden with director Oliver Stone (VIDEO)

Famed American director Oliver Stone got a presidential lift from none other than Vladimir Putin in a new interview series to air on Showtime

Whatever Russia’s president Vladimir Putin does, he tries to do with class.

So when he invited famed American director Oliver Stone to Russia to conduct a series of interviews, he figured the least he could do is give the man a ride.

In a preview clip promoting Stone’s new documentary, “The Putin Interviews,” set to air on the US cable network Showtime starting June 12th, Putin drives Stone down the highway while the one time KGB officer gives his view on Edward Snowden.

Snowden was granted asylum in Russia in 2013 after the US brought criminal charges against him for publicly revealing information about vast US intelligence spying programs.

Mr. Putin was apparently very comfortable out on the road. Contrast this with former beta-male-in-chief Barack Obama, who attempted to take a ride with US comedian Jerry Seinfeld (and making Seinfeld do the driving), but was ultimately kept from leaving the White House grounds by the secret service.

You can bet Vladimir Putin doesn’t take orders from his guards. They take his orders.

Like the time Putin needed some time alone after attending the funeral of his former Judo coach. The president left his waiting motorcade behind and ducked down a Saint Petersburg side street, with his bodyguards scrambling to catch up.

Stone has previously done extensive interviews with other world leaders loathed by the west – including Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. His four part series with Russia’s maverick leader should be worth watching.



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