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WATCH: Bored Russian fighter KNOCKOUTS cocky Englishman

Calm composure prevails over showmanship and bravado.

English fighter James Thompson is a talented and rising star in mixed martial arts – and like many cocky fighters, tries to use all sorts of tactics to intimidate his opponents.

James Thompson

However, his opponent Alexander Emelianenko, (brother of champion Fedor Emelianenko) is a Russian mixed martial artist and three-time Russian national Combat Sambo champion and three-time world Combat Sambo champion in the absolute division – showed the opposite, remaining calm and unshaken, some may even say bored.

Alexander Emelianenko – a man of faith in the Russian Orthodox Church.

The 6’5 (196 cm) 260 lbs (118 kg) Englishman, with his intense stare and aggressive roar, vanished in vain after the match against Alexander began – 11 seconds to be more precise when Emelianenko (6’4/193 cm, 254 lbs./115 kg) landed a few keys punches, sending a dazed and confused James “The Colossus” Thompson straight to the mat and forcing the referee to call the match.

Perhaps the lesson learned here is: never judge a book by its cover, and NEVER try to intimidate a Russian!



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