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Birthday of the Moscow International Film Festival – August 3

Today, August 3, Moscow International Film Festival is celebrating its 58th birthday.

The first Moscow International Film Festival was opened on August 3, 1959, under Nikita Khrushchev, with the motto

“For humane cinematography, peace and friendship among people!”

58 years later, it is still a popular and significant Moscow’s annual artistic event.

The closing ceremony of the 39th Moscow International Film Festival took place at the Rossiya theatre on June 29, 2017.

Here are the winners:


Main Prize «Golden Saint George» for Best Film – «Crested Ibis», China, director Liang Qiao.
«Our film is certainly dedicated to the problems of ecology. We hope that the issues of ecology and cleanness in China will be solved. This film is made in a very simple way. Huge thanks to the cast and crew, who participated in the shooting, thanks to my university I graduated from. It’s already June 30, Beijing time, and it’s my mum’s birthday, so I would like to make this a gift to her,» director Liang Qiao said, accepting the award.



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