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5 reasons the far-right Daily Mail is wrong about Russia’s hosting of the 2018 World Cup

The bitter UK press wants to give football lovers an incorrect picture of Russia.

Britain’s far-right tabloid Daily Mail has come out with a shambolic hit piece about Russia’s hosting of the 2018 Football World Cup.

While Russians and fans from around the world have been enjoying the Confederation Cup matches in preparation for the World Cup, Britain’s Russophobic press have been busy trying to ruin the party.

Some of the ‘allegations’ against Russia in the Daily Mail’s piece are truly hilarious.

Here are the best worst ones:

1. Signs in Russian 

Yes, the Daily Mail’s Sherlock Holmes like reporters have discovered that road-signs in Russian cities are in the official language of Russia. That language happens to be Russian.

Russia of course has been installing new international English signage in Metros, big streets, stadiums and events centres, but for the Daily Mail this simply isn’t sufficient.

Perhaps the hacks at the Mail want Russia to adopt Petro Poroshenko’s law banning the Russian language…perhaps this would make a newspaper which constantly complains about non-Anglo-Saxon people in Britain happy?

2. The Bridge Across The Kerch Strait Is A Vanity Project 

The Russian Government has begun construction of a bridge across the Kerch strait linking the Crimean Peninsula with the Taman Peninsula in Krasnodar Krai.

Far from a ‘waste of money’ as the Mail says it is, this bridge will act as a lifeline for Crimea which at present can only be supplied from the sea or air as the fascist Ukrainian regime in Kiev has sealed off Crimea via land.

The bridge will help to supply Crimea faster and cheaper than the current alternatives and will realise a long held dream to make access to Crimea easier for ordinary people.

3. Outside of City Centres, Roads Have Potholes 

Is this really a uniquely Russian issue?

Here’s a beauty from downtown Los Angeles

Here’s a nice and smooth drive in East Yorkshire in England

Here’s one from London. Look closely or you might miss it.

4. Fine Dining In Moscow Isn’t Cheap 

That’s why it’s called fine dining and it isn’t cheap in Paris, in Rome, in Tokyo, in New York, in London, in LA, in Chicago or in Mexico City.

For those who don’t want to spend a bit of cash on a night out, Russia has plenty of McDonald’s locations, just like any other country.

5. Russia Has Weather 

Apparently it does and it can even rain in Russia, in the summer, unlike in England where the skies are always dry and the sun is always out.

Football is a beautiful game but it also has a dark recent past. By attempting to tar the image of the 2018 World Cup before it has even started, The Daily Mail and similar publications seeks to put people off enjoying the best of sport and excitement which is what Russia is able, willing and ready to offer.

Rather than moan, why not ask the international fans themselves?

RT spoke with New Zealand fans who came to Russia to watch their national team play Russia’s. They spoke highly of their Russian hosts as most people do who visit Russia. They realise that the real Russian experience as a foreigner is one of hospitality and comradeship.









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