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5 photos released by US Air Force complaining about Russia’s right to “operate in international airspace”

US Air Force releases photos showing Russia’s ‘unsafe’ intercept of US plane.

Jeff Bezos funded Business Insider has released, as provided to them by the US Air Force, photos which show a Russian SU-27 coming so close to the wing of the US RC-135U that the Russian pilot can be seen in the cockpit.

The Russian Su-27 intercepted the US plane in an ‘unsafe’ manner, according to the US Air Force, coming within 5 feet of the RC-135U.

The US Air Force noted intercepts are common and are usually considered routine, but in this case on June 19 “due to the high rate of closure speed and poor control of the aircraft during the intercept, this interaction was determined to be unsafe.”

Via Business Insider

The US European Command has released dramatic photos of a Russian jet coming within a few feet of a US Air Force reconnaissance jet over the Baltic Sea in a maneuver that has been criticized as unsafe.

The Russian Defense Ministry, however, claimed that the US plane made a “provocative turn.”

The Russian jet is so close here that you can see the pilot. “Russia is within its rights to operate in international airspace, but there are international standards to ensure safety and prevent incidents,” an Air Force spokesman told Business Insider.



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