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5 paintings of Russia’s greatest historical painter from Siberia

Vasily Surikov – a master of monumental historical compositions and fascinating portraits.

Boyarynya Morozova (1887)

Vasily Ivanovich Surikov

Self-Portrait (1879)

Born: 24 January 1848; Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

Died: 19 March 1916; Moscow, Russian Federation

Nationality: Russian

Art Movement: Realism

Painting School: Peredvizhniki (Society for Traveling Art Exhibitions)

Genre: history painting

Field: painting

Art institution: Imperial Academy of Arts, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Vasily Surikov is considered Russia’s greatest historical painter. He was a master of monumental historical compositions, depicting dramatic episodes of Russian history and powerful Russian characters. The source of Surikov’s understanding of beauty was Siberia, with all its severity, its sometimes cruel customs, its brave people, and the “old Russian” beauty. The Peredvizhniki, a group of Russian realist artists to which Surikov belonged, were greatly influenced by the ideas of revolutionary democrats. They believed that art had a social-educational mission. In his paintings, Surikov always focused on fine portraiture. His female images are particularly elaborate.

We have selected for you five famous works of the artist.


View of the Monument to Peter the Great on Senate Square in St. Petersburg (1870)



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