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5 MAGNIFICENT abandoned Russian castles

These beautiful abandoned gems of Russian architecture will take your breath away.

When you think of a Russian countryside, you probably don’t imagine gothic-styled castles. But here they are – proud, stunning, and unjustly forgotten…

This beautiful architecture came to Russia thanks to the Russian architects of the 19th century who visited Europe and got inspired by medieval castles and French-style palaces.

And often, it wasn’t just a poor imitation, but a real thing.

See for yourself.

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1. Eltzin’s retreat area – Barvikha, near Odintzovo, Russia (Former Castle Mayendorf) 

2. Vasilievskoe Mansion, near Zvenigorod, Russia

3. Uspenskoe Mansion, near Zvenigorod

4. Muromtzevo Masion, between Murom and Vladimir, Russia

5. Vyborg Castle, Vyborg, Russia



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