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10 top brands for Russians

A recent survey of Russian consumers asked individuals to name the brands they see as having the best reputation.

The results show that Russians tend to respect a combination of luxury brands with a historical pedigree in excellence along with brands that are associated with durability and reliability.

The survey focused on both domestic as well as foreign brands.

The top foreign brand in Russia is Volkswagen. With car sales up in Russia, Volkswagens are generally seen as reliable cars that require little maintenance even after many years of hard driving.

This was followed by the luxury Swiss watch maker Rolex with Japanese camera and lens maker Canon in third.

In terms of domestic brands, Russia’s search engine Yandex, sometimes called ‘The Russian Google’ came out on top followed by Russia’s national air carrier Aeroflot. In third was Russia’s largest bank Sberbank.

Here are the results in full.


Company Sector RepTrak Pulse 2017 Score
1 Volkswagen Automotive 87,6
2 Rolex Consumer 87,3
3 Canon Consumer 86,7
4 Robert Bosch Consumer 86,4
5 Microsoft Technology 85,8
6 Rolls-Royce Aerospace Industrial 85,4
7 BMW Group Automotive 84,7
8 adidas Consumer 84,7
9 Nike, Inc. Consumer 84,6
10 Toyota Automotive 84,5


Company Sector RapTrak Pulse 2017 Score
1 Yandex High tech 84,8
2 Aeroflot Transport 77,7
3 Sberbank Finance 74,6
4 Retail 74,2
5 S7 Airlines Transport 73,8
6 NLMK Metallurgy 73,7
7 Gazprom Oil and gas 72,6
8 High tech 72,6
9 Lenta Retail 72,3
10 Lukoil Oil and gas 72


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